Our commitments

acxias is committed to the successful completion of your e-purchasing and e-procurement projects while respecting our founding values.

Purchasing is our core business

We specialize exclusively in purchasing, procurement, and related supply chains for project management and consultancy.

Independent advice

acxias is a truly independent company; we are not connected to any software vendors or IT providers. We are fully committed  to exclusively serving your best interests and helping you make the best decisions for your company.

Diligence and methodology

Accepting and integrating changes resulting from new processes and tools are key factors in ensuring the success of your project.

We define  and organise communications support services for every project we undertake. We favour a collaborative approach with your teams to ensure changes occur smoothly and produce sustainable value.


Always striving to maintain our reputation for excellence, we are committed to providing your business with consultants who benefit from over 10 years’ of experience, at least 5 of which are guaranteed to be in the fields of purchasing and purchasing information systems.

Commitment and results

We have succeeded where larger consultancies have failed. We are quick to adapt, flexible and highly motivated; we will work hard with your teams to produce tangible results.

Our consultants undergo a rigorous recruitment process and extensive training, which allows us to qualify and complete their technical and operational skills, as well as assessing their personal qualities: excellent interpersonal skills, respectful and active listening skills, exceptional research and analysis skills, and respect for client commitments.

Our multi-skilled approach

Our vast knowledge of procurement, communications and IT processes and tools means we can confidently work together with all levels of your business, particularly with  CPOs, buyers, controllers, legal practitioners,  and CIOs, as well as future users and internal or external IT teams.