Who is acxias?

Bertrand Gabriel directeur acxiasacxias is a consultancy firm specialising in studying, training, organising and piloting strategic projects aimed at optimising procurement performance.
Dedicated to purchasing departments, finance departments, information systems departments and buying groups, acxias contributes to the success of your programmes and the value of your products and services.

acxias's expertise in the field of purchasing and procurement information systems is widely recognised, particularly with regards to procurement processes, supplier relationship management, e-purchasing and e-sourcing, internal purchasing portals and suppliers' portals, e-procurement and electronic catalogues management.

acxias means excellence, availability, and commitment to achieving your goals, in order to:
    •    ensure your project is a success,
    •    speed up the returns on your investment and save you time,
    •    design, implement and deploy high quality e-procurement systems on an international scale.