Our mission statement

We help our national and international clients to design, pilot and deploy quality purchasing information systems to sustainably increase the performance of procurement, supply and accounts payable departments.

We help corporate groups’ purchasing and finance teams to:

Increase savings and enforce compliancy

  • Reduce maverick buying by automating standard and compliant procedures
  • Identify new suppliers and encourage supplier competition through on-line tendering
  • Improve management of contract lifecycle and ensure/control the reliable application of contract terms in all companies from a group

Increase procurement efficiency

  • Design & implement lean and automated purchasing and procurement processes, speeding up the supply chain
  • Improve suppliers collaboration through on-line suppliers portals, and reduce administrative workload through procure to pay processes automation
  • Manage data more efficiently, by providing reliable spends or activity reports and dashboards to buyers and CPO

Reduce working capital requirements

  • Secure invoice and payment control
  • Accelerate acquisition cycle times, such as from purchase requisition to goods delivery, thus reducing stock levels and working capital requirements (WCR)

Motivate purchasing teams and enhance value creation

  • Provide buyers and assistants with efficient operational procedures and easy to use information systems
  • Redeploy buyers’ time and resources to value-enhanced purchasing activities such as market analysis, sourcing, supplier performance management. Thus increase their contribution to achieving best-in-class purchasing goals.

We help buying groups to:

Increase and secure revenues

Are commissions made on your suppliers’ sales your main source of revenue? You could recover undeclared commissions if you control the amount of purchases your members make with your group’s suppliers.
Keep your catalogue items under control and offer your customers the opportunity to purchase them in a secure environment.

Secure your customer base

Offer your members differentiating services: achieving the satisfaction and loyalty of your customers will secure your group’s future and allow you to increase your market share.
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Our training courses help you to:

  • Succeed and reach your goals in the field of purchasing,
  • Stay up to date in a constantly changing environment,
  • Adapt your teams' skills to potential changes in positions or the development of your purchasing policy and build best-in-class purchasing team.

At what stage of your project should you contact us?

You can turn to us from the very beginning of your project. We can assist you throughout the whole project cycle or during specifically chosen stages, according to your needs.
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