Whether acting on behalf of the world’s largest companies, or at the service of buying groups, acxias has proved its ability to carry out multiple optimisation projects both for organisations and information systems, across a wide range of sectors, from the automotive industry to metallurgy, services, transportation, food processing, and luxury products.
Our clients' satisfaction speaks for itself. Click on each of the logos below to read their testimonials.

  • acxias has the skills required to both understand business demands and master new information technologies. acxias’ consultants were able to build a collaborative bridge between procurement services and IT.

    Purchasing Manager for Europe
  • The advantage of working with acxias is their flexibility. Unlike larger firms, they adapt to their clients instead of imposing “their” way of working on their customers.

    Purchasing Manager for Europe
  • What sets acxias apart is their ability to understand the needs of Procurement Departments, proving their expertise in information systems support and their creativity in choosing the best solutions. acxias' listening and analysis skills have allowed us to transform operational needs into fully-functioning features.

    Purchasing Manager for Belgium
  • With new technology we must be able to express our ideas, to make them felt, and watch them grow. Knowledge of solutions combined with creativity and tenacity meant acxias’ consultants were able to put our project in motion.

    Purchasing Manager for Europe
  • I needed a partner to help “dream up a project” and bring it to life: acxias took on that leadership role. I know I can trust them.

    Purchasing Manager for Europe