Whether acting on behalf of the world’s largest companies, or at the service of buying groups, acxias has proved its ability to carry out multiple optimisation projects both for organisations and information systems, across a wide range of sectors, from the automotive industry to metallurgy, services, transportation, food processing, and luxury products.
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  • acxias was knowledgeable of both business and technical requirements. By transforming our projects into value for the customer and showing great commitment and enthusiasm, acxias made the project a success.

    Business Development Manager
    crédible à la fois sur les aspects business et technique (Copier)
  • acxias's availability and ability to effectively convince helped motivate our teams to make our ambitious project a success. acxias was committed and the mission was a success, despite cultural barriers.

    Business Development Manager
    drove those changes by showing results fast (Copier)
  • acxias's commitment and energy saved us time and helped us to pragmatically prove that our project was feasible ; it allowed us to make better investment choices and focus our efforts on achieving our goals.

    Business Development Manager
    competent in taking responsibility for a strategic project  (Copier)
  • Perseverant, dynamic and hard-working, acxias proved highly competent in taking responsibility for a strategic project from scratch and successfully developing profitable new business in a difficult business context.

    General Manager
    faire les meilleurs choix d’investissements (Copier)
  • The need to develop a radically new approach involved a huge in-house cultural change. acxias drove those changes by showing results fast, which was a key motivating factor in convincing people to engage.

    General Manager
    engagé et a réussi sa mission malgré les obstacles culturels (Copier)